– Vision holder of Body & Soul Expo Beirut

We are creating a community where all of us can share our knowledge, awareness and happiness.

BODY & SOUL EXPO BEIRUT is a wellness & spiritual event that gives us all a chance to be present and united as a loving community.Whether you are yogis, light workers, motivators, life changers, healers, therapists or anyone serving the highest good of humanity, let us expand from our centers and workspaces to a bigger horizon.
It is now time to step up as a Lebanese Wellness Community, to serve all with our experiences, knowledge and love in these times of change. May the light in all our hearts overcome the shadow of our busy minds.

Join me in this mission to co-create the change we want to see, by being care takers of our beautiful planet and examples for our future generations.


I am a founder of “Gaia Wellness Center” since 2012 in Cyprus, a community center based on vegetarian food, with lecture & workshop spaces for healers, therapists, meditation, yoga classes and all wellbeing activities for adults and children .

Certified Holistic Nutritionist (American Academy of California).

Completed courses and holistic practices in Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology ,Access bars, Reiki, Pranic healing , Dowsing, Vipassana , Raja Yoga, I am meditation.

Traveled worldwide and lived in Spiritual Communities ,Ashrams and served in Humanitarian and Environmental projects .Met with international Teachers and Gurus: AMMA (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) , Sadhguru and Dali lama the 14th and Dadi Janki (Brahma Kumaris)